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Omega SA is a Swiss luxury watchmaker based in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland. Founded by Louis Brandt in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1848, the company formally operated as the La Generale Watch Co. until incorporating the name Omega in 1903, becoming Louis Brandt et Frère - Omega Watch & Co.. In 1982, the company officially changed its name to Omega SA, which is currently a subsidiary of the Swiss Swatch Group.

An unsatisfied Omega watch owner wrote the following in a review:

The fact that Omega does not stand for it's quality and seems solely interested in ensuring their conclusion is 'not covered by warranty' is utterly shocking and totally disappointing. This brand for me has gone from 'I would like to one day have an Omega because my father had an Omega' to 'the brand I rather not wear and certainly won't recommend'.


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Senior Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"not bad company, full of indians.... Need betterment for the other nationality. Its just ok .. management is just ok, i didnt like it much as its full of indians ..goodno diversity"

Tim A. says

"I ordered a stainless steel bracelet for my Aqua Terra via telephone from the customer service center in Secaucus, NJ. I ordered the correct inlet size in the design I wanted. The call taker DID NOT ask for a reference number of the watch, and DID NOT notify me that it was not returnable on this initial phone call. When the bracelet arrived it didn't seat correctly on the case of the watch. When I called Omega in Secaucus, the call taker stated that spare parts are not returnable, but if I mailed it back to them, they would "see what they could do" in reference to a refund, minus a re-stocking fee. The call taker asked me for the reference number to my watch during this second call, and notified me that had they known the reference number on the initial phone call, they would have notified me at that time that the bracelet was non-compatible. Ten days after USPS showed that Omega customer service received the bracelet, I called to follow up. The call taker informed me that when they received the bracelet back, it suddenly had scratches on the links and clasp. She was extremely rude, interruptive, and unprofessional. Just a nasty person who has no business working in customer service. Absolutely horrible attitude. If they found scratches on the bracelet under a loupe when it was returned, then there were scratches on it when it was sent to me. There was no damage visible to the naked eye when the bracelet arrived. It's obvious now that this item had minor damage when I received it, and Customer Service is trying to stick me with a damaged piece of merchandise and still make a profit. It appears that someone in Omega's QC department had an off day and this bracelet slipped through. It happens. Two years ago I purchased a Rolex two tone Sub and when I got it home I noticed a tiny dent in one of the gold center links of the bracelet. I took it back to the AD, and Rolex replaced the bracelet NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Rolex could have easily said that I damaged the bracelet, but they didn't. I'm quite certain that the Rolex 18ct gold and SS Oyster band costs a whole lot more than the Omega SS Aqua Terra band. It appears that even Rolex QC can have an off day, but at least they take some responsibility, and take care of their customers. I guess I just have bad luck with bracelets, and should have taken the negative reviews about Omega's customer service more seriously. Lesson learned-NEVER deal directly with Omega customer service in Secaucus."

Chris New says

"I have owned this watch for ten years and apart from a small problem a couple of months after purchase it has performed well, until I sent it to Omega in Southampton for a service in December 2017, that is when the problems began. After paying £520. for said service, the watch was returned towards the end of February 2018 where in a very short space of time the minute hand fell off and it was sent back to Omega under warranty for the hand to be re-affixed. After the standard six week wait the watch was returned to me. This "repair" lasted for a few months when once again (you guessed it) the hand fell off. After a lengthy conversation with Omega I was assured that this was a one off happening, which I naïvely believed. The watch was once again "repaired" and given another full service, this was in October 2018. The watch has been well behaved since then and I must have fallen into a sense of false security, because just as I was beginning to get a bit blaze about my Omega watch, on the 2nd October 2020 with just nine days of warranty remaining once again the hand fell off. I contacted Omega once again and sent the watch off to them for repair (just to refit the wandering hand). Imagine my surprise when I was presented by email with an estimate for £630.00 for yet another full service and a long list of things that were wrong with the watch. The only thing not mentioned on the list of repairs needed was the minute hand I have just had a very "in depth" conversation with Omega customer service and I am awaiting a phone call from them to see what BS they will try this time. If I am really honest I would not trust Omega to wind a watch let alone repair one. DO NOT BUY OMEGA WATCHES, they have gone from a once extremely good brand to a very poor "also ran" brand."

michael kessler says

"Purchased in July from an authorised dealer an Ocean Pacific 600m to be worn purely when on holiday - white face/orange bezel would look nuce with a tan. Anyway after trying it out for a day and adjusting the bracelet, I put it away in my underfloor safe along with a few others that I have, Rolex’s I might add, not this rubbish brand. After a month I pulled it out and to my horror noticed condensation on the inside of the crystal. A divers tool watch supposedly water resistant up to 600m couldn’t even take a slight change in climate. This watch really is a piece of crap. Omega immediately got my back up by insinuating the crown hadn’t been screwed down properly, trying to blame me. After testing they found faults in the seals. I ask where is the quality control. At £5k+ these watches should be tested vigorously before leaving the factory, but instead they churn them out and deal with the problems as they arise. Absolute rubbish. They didn’t even sound shocked- at least the dealer was mortified. Omega wanted to repair and return the pile of junk which I vigorously refused to accept. I ended up begrudgingly accepting a new pile of junk which I doubt very much I’ll ever wear. Good job really as the new one still hasn’t arrived and the can’t advise me when. Do not buy an Omega, they are relatively inexpensive for a reason I know at this price range you’re choice is limited, but to purchase this one time great brand is not a good compromise."

Mark Chamberlin says

"I've been an Omega owner for almost 30 years. The newest piece I own is a Ltd Edition America's Cup Seamaster. I wear is very infrequently, as I don't like the way the crown digs into my wrist. But that aside, when two hour markers became dislodged from the face at some time during storage in my safe, I took it to the swatch group for repair. I was certain that any watch maker would agree to reattached the hour markers. Especially on a watch that is billed as tough enough to withstand the tough environment of yacht racing. But not Omega. They surmised that because of what they called a sizeable dent on the bezel ( I would disagree) that it was clear that the watch had been dropped and that the shock was enough to dislodge the markers. WHATEVER! While I will hang on to my vintage speedmaster and 3 vintage seamasters, I will never again, as long as I continue to draw breath, purchase or own another swatch brand watch. There are plenty of great watches out there, many of which I already own. For example, my Rolex Submariner has put up with 100X more action than the Omega and it has never ever had a problem. I bought it in 1995 and wear it way more than the americas cup. As far as I'm concerned, the Omega brand has become a marketing execs image of what it once was. Do yourself a favour and don't fall for it."

B.P. says

"After 2,5 years the hand that indicates the seconds on my Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra (that my wife bought me for the birth of my daughter) started to have problems. It would stand still for 4 seconds and then catch up on the 5th second and keep on doing that. So I went to my regular jeweler who my wife purchased the watch at and they sent it to Omega in Belgium. The first disgnosis was 'damage due to a hard shock / force from outside', not covered by warranty. When I asked them for more information of proof of the claim they made they did not respond. When I asked for the watch back to have it reviewed by an expert watch maker, Omega changed the story completely saying it was normal wear and tear not covered by warranty. I wear the watch about 40% of the time, so the wear and tear was about one year worth of wearing. It has never fallen or been smashed into anything. So neither diagnosis makes any sense except that it (in their opinion) let's them off the hook entirely. Omega offered me a full revision for a whopping Euro 460,00 with no discount or leniency. The fact that Omega does not stand for it's quality and seems solely interested in ensuring their conclusion is 'not covered by warranty' is utterly shocking and totally disappointing. This brand for me has gone from 'I would like to one day have an Omega because my father had an Omega' to 'the brand I rather not wear and certainly won't recommend'. Omega may make beautiful watches, but if you want to feel good about shelving out money for a luxery brand watch and enjoy it for many years, do not buy an Omega as there is a significant risk the company will let you down."

Mick Harlow says

"I have in my lifetime bought quite a few Omega watches for myself and family, the latest one an Omega Planet Ocean in 2013, this watch was purchased with the help of a refund/buyback of a faulty Omega GMT which Omega gave me £2,200 towards the cost of a new watch. The GMT had to be repaired every 2 years and after the 3rd time of failure, Omega offered to buy it back, so I bought a Planet Ocean, I rarely wear this watch but it seems to have developed the same fault as the GMT, in all honesty this watch has not been serviced by Omega, but now find it needs repairs/service at a cost of over £400 with a 10% discount offered. I feel absolutely let down by Omega with a watch that has rarely been worn and now needs servicing/repairs, unless Omega come back with a better gesture I don’t think I shall be buying any more from Omega, the quality and reputation of this brand is sadly missing in my case"

Customer says

"I have also purchased an X33 Skywalker Solar Impulse. I wanted to have it serviced as it is a couple of years old and was told it had to be sent to Switzerland, even though nothing was broken. I was given a minmum servicing price that represent a third of the watch price though nothing is broken and it will take at least 3 months!!! If you have to pay that much money when the watch is working fine, how much do you have to pay when you actually need it to be repaired??? I am very disappointed by the service and will never buy an Omega watch again. It is just a total rip off!"

Jay says

"I recently purchased a Seamaster 300m with blue rubber strap at Los Angeles DFS on 24 Dec, 2019, and one of the rubber strap loops already torn after wearing the watch for less than 1 week. I’m very disappointed with the quality of the product, especially it is a luxury name brand. My last watch was also an Omega, and it had many issues even after the watch was serviced in Ginza Tokyo by the Omega authorized service center. I decided to give Omega product another chance but am disappointed again. I should have purchased a Rolex watch instead."

Koutsoukos Nikos says

"I bought mine de Ville in the airport of Singapore for about 3000 $ worked for a week then started slow my home country Greece Ι gave it to service under warranty ,returned worked properly for a month then same story again ,back to service for 2nd time received worked ok for 3 months then start going fast 3hrs in 24hrs. Now they told me that i have to change the generator (about 350Euros).i put it away and i use a seiko 5 that is 20 years old and works is a shame for a company of such a gravity ."

Naz J says

"If I could give a zero it would be good for them. Own 3 Omega watches. None is working any more. Constellation watch stopped working after the Omega Service Center gook it in for battery change. One month later it stopped. Took it back to be told it has rusted inside ??? and needs a full repair costing more that $500. How can an Omega rust??? The two other Omegas brand new stopped working after a few months. I didnt bother to even ask. Lousy experoence Not the Omega of other times"

Hans Gr says

"Customer service via their email is abysmal, got an authentic watch and with its serial and they won't give me proof! They change dealers and suddenly they FORGET about your watch. It is miserable losing tens of thousands of GBP for all this disrespect. Take CARE!"

David Kennedy says

"I have never written a review before but now feel I absolutely must. My wife and I own 4 Omega timepieces. She has 2 Constellations, I have 1 Seamaster and 1 Planet Ocean. My wife's newer Constellation, the hour hand 'fell off'. Omega said it must have received a 'knock' and charged us 400 GBP to repair. Despite no evidence on the watch of any damage outside normal wear and tear. My original Seamaster used to lose 5-10 minutes per week without fail. No reason given. Now my Planet Ocean has had 3 luminescent pieces detached. From the 3, 6 and 9 positions. It happened during a trip to Disney yesterday. Apparently, a company that provided watches for the Apollo missions and 'James Bond' to survive huge negative G's and being kicked around the world can't take a ride designed for a child. This isn't the first issue with this watch. Several years ago the glass had condensation inside the face from where who knows. It's seen the inside of a swimming pool but never anything more challenging. It then refused to hold a charge and stopped every few hours. This despite it having all its original seals. A subsequent service and 500 GBP lighter it was fixed. I love the Omega brand. What is states about one. But the engineering is shocking and the customer service equally as bad in never accepting liability for anything. Is the price tag of these luxury timepieces equal to the product? I shall let you be the judge of that."

Laurence Fregona says

"Omega used to be a premium brand. No more. Omega Seamaster. Supposedly self-winding. 3 years later it no longer was. Conveniently out of warranty. Watch was returned to their service centre by a local agent. 6 weeks to even quote and then an outrageous amount (about 30% of initial cost,) which was refused! The arrogance matches the quality of the product. Don't even consider one."

Simon Bailey says

"My wife ordered an Omega nato strap as a gift for me. Great quality strap but initially she ordered one a size too large. She subsequently purchased a smaller one. We have found it impossible to return the first strap - the Omega system continually reporting that the return authorisation is in process but it never actually concluding. Messages & emails to customer service have gone unanswered. Given they only accept returns within 14 days this is unacceptable. In conclusion, if you are absolutely certain about the product you are purchasing (& you won’t need to return it) - go for it, they are great quality products & actually offer v good value when compared to equivalent (or more expensive) timepiece brands. If you are in anyway uncertain, however, forget it - the returns process is broken. Not good enough for a brand like Omega."

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